VisionGuard: Revolutionizing infrastructure safety with AI-driven, predictive analytics for smart and efficient power line inspections.

VirtualMed Assist: Revolutionizing healthcare with AI-driven telemedicine and education for accessible, efficient patient care and professional learning.

“Innovation 4 Needs” leverages AI and digital technology to transform healthcare, optimizing processes and enhancing care delivery for urgent societal demands.

SENSO3D is a pioneering project that utilizes state-of-the-art 3D technology to deliver immersive sensory experiences, transforming digital content engagement.

SensoSync is an AI-powered platform revolutionizing organizational efficiency and communication management.

Video Call Assistant is an innovative tool designed to enhance video conferencing experiences making digital meetings more accessible, efficient, and productive.

SENSOFIT is an innovative fitness technology that transforms any space into a digital gym with AI-driven analysis and real-time feedback on exercises. It aims to personalize and enhance the workout experience for users.