Our Journey in Gen. AI

Sensomatt AI’s foray into Generative AI and Custom Solutions represents a significant leap in offering bespoke AI-driven services. This domain encompasses the creation of AI models specifically designed for unique use cases, ensuring that each solution is not just cutting-edge but also perfectly aligned with specific client needs.

Use Cases

Virtual Try-On Technology

In the fashion and retail sector, Sensomatt AI’s virtual try-on technology uses AI to superimpose clothing and accessories onto users, offering a virtual fitting room experience. This not only enhances the customer shopping experience but also reduces return rates by providing a more accurate representation of how products look and fit.

Virtual Interior Design

Sensomatt AI’s generative AI can revolutionize the interior design industry. By leveraging AI, customers can visualize and manipulate interior designs in virtual environments, allowing for a more interactive and personalized design process. This tool can simulate different layouts, color schemes, and furnishing options, providing a realistic preview of interior spaces before any physical changes are made.

flexible code

In the health and fitness industry, AI models developed by Sensomatt AI can monitor and analyze exercise routines, providing real-time feedback and personalized workout adjustments. This technology is particularly beneficial in rehabilitation and physiotherapy, where tailored exercise regimens and accurate monitoring are crucial.